Tri-State Clubs and Groups

Under the Tri-State Homeschool Network there are a variety of extracurricular activities groups for children and their parents to take part in.  A list of available activities, clubs and groups is below:    

Bowling:  Monthly 

Tri State Bowling usually meets on the fourth Friday of the month at 10 a.m. from September to May.  The cost of bowling is reasonable and shoes are free.  The alley is large so there are plenty of lanes available.  The staff is friendly and food at the snack bar is yummy – try their crab bisque.  There is a good core of between 6 to 10 families that attend and more would be most welcome.  Bumper lanes are available for each bowler.

Cinematography: 1st Thursday  

Cinematography Club is designed to let our high school students explore the various aspects of film-making.  It meets monthly for a club meeting, but members are expected to get together to work on projects during their own time.  It requires both students and parents to be committed to the process.  Students will work on script-writing, story-boarding, filming techniques, lighting, costuming, make-up, acting, music, and editing.

Rhetoric League:  2nd Thursday  

High Schoolers: Did you know that a speech course is required by most colleges at some time in your college career?  Even if you are not college-bound if you ever think there is the possibility that you may have to teach Sunday School, go on a missions trip, present an idea before your boss, go into business for yourself, pray in front of people, or be called on to give your testimony?  We meet monthly and at these meetings we train you in how to prepare speeches and presentations and practice exercises which will help desensitize you to speaking in public (while we have fun doing it).  We also have four internal competitions per year (competitions look really good on your high school transcript!) but no one is required to participate in these, although we have no control over what your teacher (i.e. parents) require.  Everyone also has the option of participating in the ACSI Mid-Atlantic Speech Tournament in March if they desire.